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We are excited to offer our classes on the state of the art Megaformer™, created by Lagree Fitness, which was based upon the principles of pilates. Our Core Physique class works the entire body in just 50 minutes! Simply put, this is the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning. It is a high octane, shirt-drenching workout that strengthens your body, tightens your muscles, elongates the body, burns fat, improves endurance, jump-starts your metabolism and restores your body’s natural balance. Our Core Physique class is a fusion of pilates, cardio and strength training, and achieves muscle definition faster than traditional pilates and/or weight training alone. In addition, this quick and effective workout allows you to stay focused and get the most out of every minute. The composition of this method is significant in that it encourages maximum exertion without stressing the joints and spine. It is a revolutionary total body exercise program.

The music is great, the energy is high – this is a workout you’ll be able to evolve with and it will soon become something you can’t live without. And did we mention that it is really fun, too?

The Megaformer by Lagree Fitness
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